PR electronics has always been a pioneer in EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility). In 1991, we created our own in-house EMC laboratory and since then we have made significant advancements in designing products for high EMC performance. PR is thus not depending on using shielded enclosures.


Through a combination of:


  • sophisticated printed circuit board layout where wanted and unwanted signals are being intelligently routed and, 
  • filters protecting from DC to GHz – from uV to kV and from uA to A and,
  • the fact that our EMC performance is a maximum deviation of 0.5% of the specified range


we guarantee that each product achieves our renowned EMC standards.



Beyond our rigorous design process, we also subject our devices to more stringent testing than many of our competitors:


  • We test by 20V/m (the EMC Directive only says 10V/m).
  • We test against A criteria (supply and output) and B criteria (input) mixing the toughest requirements for both emission and immunity.


The result is an exceptional EMC performance, ensuring stable and accurate signal conditioning throughout your process.


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