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40 years anniversary stories

In December 2014 PR electronics celebrated its 40 years anniversary. In connection with this we encouraged our customers to contribute with their stories about PR. The two best stories would win an iPad Air.


It is with great pleasure that we here announce the winners: Bjarne Lyngeraa, Project Supervisor at Brüel & Kjær Vibro, Denmark, for a story about how PR managed to adjust 34 isolation amplifiers just in time for an important project - and Mats Adler, VD, Procranes, Sweden, for his story about how PR products are used in many applications for calculation of lifting force and limits.


Thank you for the many great stories we received to all who contributed – and congratulations to both winners!



Photos above - Mats Adler (left) and Bjarne Lyngeraa (right) with Leo Schytt from PR electronics in Denmark.


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