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Expanding PR’s global presence

These days PR electronics’ owner Kim Rasmussen is stepping into a new role for PR. He is transferring the day-to-day manager responsibility to the executive management team to take up the role as PR ambassador and cultural carrier and to realize PRs long term growth potential…



Expanding PR’s global presence
In connection with the announcement of his new role it was also communicated, that PR the coming years will establish two new business units (i.e. PR representatives) and two new subsidiaries per year in selected countries around the globe:


“This project is part of our globalization, and it will bring us closer to our customers in areas where we are more lightly represented today. When the project has been rolled out, customers in these areas will be able to get support and talk to a PR representative who is close by and speaks the local language”, Kim Rasmussen explains and continues: “I am looking very much forward to supporting this project… It is as an expansion of our present global presence - meaning that we at the same time will continue building and strengthening our relations with our present offices, business units and distributors around the world”.


The decision of expanding the number of PR electronics offices is supporting PR electronics’ long-term vision.



PR electronics Executive Management Team
PR electronics executive management team consists of Simon Bisbo, PR Chief Sales officer, Stig Lindemann, PR Chief Technology Officer, and Johnny Pedersen, Chief Financial Officer.




(Photo above: PR electronics' owner Kim Rasmussen)



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