Going green with offshore wind power

In our continuous effort to turn the company headquarters in Denmark CO2 neutral, PR electronics has now signed a contract with DONG Energy, with the goal of covering all electricity needs through offshore wind power by 2019.



At PR electronics' offices and production facilities in Roende, Denmark, the electricity consumption is one of the biggest impacts the company has on the environment. Therefore, it has been a priority to find a solution for balancing the company's needs with the wish to act environmentally responsible.


Many small initiatives are already being worked with, such as replacing lightbulbs with LED lighting, as well as continuously getting better at turning off devices that are not needed. However, as the buildings are also mainly heated through electricity, and as it is neither environmentally nor financially feasible to implement an entirely new system, these smaller initiatives were not enough.


Therefore, PR electronics has decided to start investing in Danish offshore wind energy. Starting in 2017, the investment will gradually increase every year until 2019. This will result in 100% of the company's annual energy consumption (1,486,036 kWh) being covered by wind energy. Consequently, PR electronics’ CO2 emissions will be reduced by 688 ton, which is a significant step towards CO2 neutrality.



UK_Ikon _Danish Offshore Wind _45 Mm



”We have a responsibility to the environment as well as future generations. By investing in Danish offshore wind power, we are taking steps into the right direction,” says Dorte Mundt Andersen, Head of Group Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility at PR electronics.


Reuse and recycling are also on the agenda


However, PR electronics does not only seek improvements, when it comes to energy consumption. There is also focus on minimizing food waste in the company's cafeteria. As a result, only small amounts of waste have to be handled and are sent to DAKA ReFood for the production of biogas, biodiesel, and organic fertilizer. 


Additionally, by implementing a new sorting and reporting system, it has also been possible to increase the company's percentage of paper and cardboard being recycled. Also, the usage of a number of different chemicals has been reduced significantly by new procedures.


Through all this work, PR electronics has achieved and maintained an overall reuse rate of 60% for the past two years (FY2016-17 and FY2017-18).


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