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The new PR Knowledge Library

Browse in more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in our new PR Knowledge Library.


Since 1974, we have been dedicated to perfecting our core competence of innovating high precision technology with low power consumption. With a dedicated R&D center that is integrated with our lean production facility at our headquarters in Denmark, we are today one of the leading companies within signal conditioning.


This also means that we have decade’s worth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a wide range of industries. Based on that, our specialists have already in the past shared insights in FAQs and articles. However, we would like to do more of that, and have therefor created the PR Knowledge Library, where we from now on will publish new material regularly.


In the PR Knowledge Library, you can find:


  • FAQs, which cover a wide range of topics
  • Product spotlights, which go in depth with specific modules and their function
  • Tips and tricks, such as: 8 tips and advice for reducing the effects of EMI on your instrumentation signals
  • Application examples, which describe common situations and how our products can be of help

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