R&D Engineer, Denmark, with PR electronics since 2015


I started my career in PR electronics as an engineering intern. After the 5 months internship I was lucky enough to continue my time at PR, in a part time student assistant position while finishing my studies. During this time I built up a good working relationship within PR and was happy when I was offered a contract to become part of the R&D-team full time upon finishing my studies.

In my current role I have a very varied workday with many different technical challenges and project management. One of the things I really like is the amount of opportunities you have as an engineer. If you want to have more responsibility it is always possible, which is why many of my tasks are based within project management, where I ensure the progress and focus of the product development.


When I dive into the more technical tasks I’m among other things working with advanced hardware development supported by high quality firmware to secure a very high accuracy in our products while keeping the cost down for our customers.


In PR we have the luxury of having our own well-equipped EMC laboratory. This means we can test our products as soon as they have been developed. This is a great way of ensuring there is constant progress in the product development, because you get to test the products right away, eliminating any errors there might be, and ensuring the product development follows the set timelines.


On a social level I would say we have a good teamwork in the R&D department, and enjoy both a technical discussion as well as a game of table football in our breaks.”