Our values

Behind every one of PR electronics' products there are people.

Every red box represents the years of experience and dedication of our employees.

It is the people at PR electronics and their years of experience that truly bring our products to life - from developing innovative and smarter products, to carefully guiding our customers in selecting the right product for their application, to production and validation of every single product before it leaves the factory site.


PR electronics started in 1974 as a one-man company owned by Peter Rasmussen.
In 2014 PR electronics counts more than 200 employees.


PR electronics is a place that never stands still and is on call 24/7, so that customers can benefit from our local presence and unique global expertise.
Our Global Customer Support Department is always ready to serve our customers.


All who work at PR electronics contribute to making it an inspiring place - a community of dedicated colleagues where many also engage in workplace wellness and fun activities.


Guided by principles of simplicity, focus, courage and excellence, we help some of the world's greatest companies achieve PERFORMANCE MADE SMARTER.


Our values define a framework of reference that inspires us and controls our life as as a company:




  • We act as one company through global collaboration across all teams.
  • We create excellent results through teamwork, trust and open dialog.
  • We are united in our global thinking.




  • We meet and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • We take on responsibility to deliver on our promises.
  • We truly understand our customers’ business.




  • We cultivate an idea-generating environment.
  • We challenge the status quo and evolve the way we do business to increase buying customers.




  • Quality is in our DNA. It infuses the way we collaborate and the expectations we put toward ourselves and our suppliers/partners.
  • We are proud to provide quality products on-time, every time.





  • We create an inspiring working environment.
  • We have focus on our health & safety and development of our competences.


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