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Modbus gateway


  • Modbus RTU to Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP gateway
  • PPS app communication gateway
  1. Overview +


  • Modbus RTU to Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP gateway.
  • PPS app communication gateway.
  • Includes 200 mm RJ45 to SUB-D9 cable.

Technical characteristics

  • Supply voltage: 12...48 VDC - 4.5 W - 340 mA (max.)
  • Operating temperature: -10...+60°C
  • LAN1, RJ45: PPS ”device s/n”
    IP: Dynamic
  • LAN2, RJ45: Modbus TCP/IP - IP:
    Subnet mask:
  • Port 1 and 2, DB9 male: Modbus RTU over RS-485
    (default baudrate: 57.6k bps)

Data sheet


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