Pretreatment hemicellulose

Linearization / conversion




Pretreatment is the first step of the cellulosic bioethanol process. The purpose of pretreatment is to make the cellulose more susceptible to being broken down so that it is ready for the enzyme hydrolysis step. Pretreatment hemicellulose, which is built up of various mono sugars with five or six carbon atoms, is leached out at low pH at a temperature > 170°C. Two continuous reactors are operating in series. When running two-stage dilute acid hydrolysis the first reactor is used for hemicellulose hydrolysis and the cellulose is decomposed in the second reactor at elevated temperatures > 200°C.


Accurate pH measurement and control is needed in both processes to provide the highest yield. Both pH sensors are connected to a PR 5116A programmable transmitter, which linearizes the mV output signal from the pH sensor and converts the measurement to a 0...10 VDC signal for a PLC.





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