Naphtha hydrotreater

Temperature measurement



The naphtha cut from the atmospheric distillation unit is sent to the naphtha hydrotreater to remove sulfur and nitrogen compounds. The naphtha hydro treating unit uses a cobalt-molybdenum catalyst to remove sulfur by converting it to hydrogen sulfide that is removed along with unreacted hydrogen. Reactor conditions for a naphtha hydrotreater unit are around 400-500˚F (205-260˚C) with a pressure of 350-650 psi (25-45 bar).


A two-wire style HART pressure transmitter is used to control the hydrotreater pressure. This application requires intrinsically safe signal measurement and SIL 2 with full assessment. The PR 9106B HART transparent repeater is connected to the pressure transmitter to bring the signal into the safe area. The output from the 9106B is connected to a control system and the HART information from the pressure transmitter passes through the 9106B for diagnostic purposes.






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