Fluid catalytic cracker

Differential pressure measurement



The fluid catalytic cracking unit is a process unit used to upgrade the heavier, higher-boiling fractions from the crude oil distillation by converting them into lighter, lower boiling, more valuable products.
One main challenge for a fluid catalytic cracking unit is to avoid a catalyst reversal in the reactor-regenerator section. As the impulse lines for this application tend to plug, it is crucial that the differential pressure measurement works properly and detects line plugging quickly in order to avoid catalyst reversal.


A redundant system with 2 differential pressure transmitters is required. Each transmitter is connected to the PR 9106B HART transparent repeater, the signal is split, one output is connected directly to the control system and the other is connected to an independent data logging system for documentation purposes. This solution detects line plugging and gives adequate time to act before a reversal of catalyst incident occurs.






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