Signal repetition / isolation



The hydrocracker consist of four giant reactors. Inside the reactors the heavy waxy feed is broken down or cracked to produce petrol, kerosene and diesel components. The hydrocracker uses large quantities of hydrogen from the hydrogen manufacturing unit. The gas is boosted to 150 bar pressure by huge gas compressors.


The presence of moisture in gas streams containing trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide produces corrosive byproducts. Such byproducts can destroy expensive process pipes and fittings. Therefore it is very important to measure the exact moisture level to be able to maintain it in the optimum range from 20 to 30 ppmv. That can be done very precisely using a laser-based analyzer like the GE Panametrics Aurora Moisture Analyzer.



3 analog signals monitoring the gas quality from the moisture analyzer need to be connected to the control system in the safe area. To maintain the highest accuracy when repeating the 4...20 mA signal the 9106B HART transparent repeater is a great solution, providing high isolation, robust EMC performance, and process monitoring via the 4510 display/ programming front.





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