Make strong, accurate signals a part of your industry



Our devices are used across both the process and factory automation industry. In more than thousand applications, we connect to analog signals from the process and make them suitable for safe distribution and process control.

Our devices can be found in marshalling cabinets, field junction boxes as well as inside temperature connection heads and field enclosures.

The road to greener production.
Reliability and safety without compromise.
The power to uphold top standards and reliability.
Factory automation
Integrating long-term accuracy into your factory.
Food and Beverage
Process food at correct temperatures.
Controlling the harsh extremes of the sea.
Metal & Steel
Robust isolation from noise and dust.
Oil & Gas
Uncompromised safety with high galvanic isolation.
Safe processing with simple calibration.
Pulp & Paper
Long-term durability in any environment.
Water Supply and Wastewater

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