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See where and how PR devices can be used in a coal-fired power plant.



1. Service water tank

2. Vaporizor

3. Limestone

4. Aqueous ammonia storage

5. Desulfurization SO2 scrubber

6. Fly ash


7. Electrostatic precicpitator (ESP)

8. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

9. Boilers

10. Pulverizing units

11. Coal bunkers

12. Generator

13. Steam turbine





Examples - devices used in the energy industry


  • 4116 – due to multifunctionality and SIL2 approval.
  • Redundant temperature solution for Profibus-based control system – 6350A.
  • Biomass storage is a potentially hazardous area. Hydrogen sensors monitor the environment using PR 9106B’s analog loops and 9202B is used for any digital signals.
  • Turbine and generator readout and monitoring of oil pressure with display + 4 alarm points – 5715.

The above are merely examples – do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.










Customer statements:


"As the Lead C&I Engineer at Cockenzie Power Station I have used PR electronics modules for several years and they are a cost effective replacement for many of our existing systems and I also use them on new installations. They have been very reliable and are easily configured.”

– Fraser Gordon, Cockenzie Power Station, Scotland.


“We decided to choose the products of PR electronics because of the user-friendliness, together with the distinct data sheets. Swift delivery and good technical support also played a part in the decision-making process.”
– Hans Venema, Teamleader Maintanance, Eemscentrale, Electrabel Nederland n.V., the Netherlands.


“We use PR electronics’ modules because they are universal, reliable and easy to program, and because of the competent technical advising and short delivery time.”
– Jean-Luc Vandevelde, Instrumentation Technician at the EDF Power Station in Porcheville, France.


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