Reliable displays for any environment. Complete range of panel meters for display readout of process signals with universal input and supply capabilities.


Our range of displays is characterized by its flexibility and stability. The devices meet nearly every demand for display readout of process signals, and have universal input and supply capabilities.

They provide a real-time measurement of your process value no matter the industry, and are engineered to provide a user-friendly, reliable relay of information, even in demanding environments.


Designed for Flexibility
Our displays are universal in nature, accepting virtually any process input signal, and capable of being powered by nearly any source. This makes them perfect for hundreds of applications, and our scrolling help text makes configuration very fast and easy. Our high level of galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, and our high immunity to electromagnetic noise gives you the freedom to install the display virtually anywhere in the panel. Multipoint linearization, multiple relay functions, and analog retransmission are available as options.


Install & Forget
These displays are easily configured via PC, DIP switches or using built in push buttons on the front of the unit making deployment fast and simple. All of our products are individually designed and validated to exceed the most demanding failure rate assessments. In addition we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.


Explore the devices below. If you require assistance in finding the right device, please do not hesitate to contact us.