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PR 4500 interfaces - How to install and remove the display


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PR 4500 interfaces - How to navigate through the display


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PR 4512 - How to connect to your mobile device

Just mount the PR 4512 Bluetooth communication enabler on the front of your 4000/9000 device and install the PPS app on the smart device (iOS and Android). This enables live monitoring of process data, data- and event logging and easy programming of the device.


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PR 4512 - How to upload and view data logs with PPS

With its 100 MB onboard memory, the 4512 can log up to 5.50 million data points (device specific). The 4512 also captures device specific measurement, status or relay errors. Using the built-in real-time clock, it logs the exact time of any error event, incl. relay status. Logs can be monitored directly in the PPS app or exported in .csv format. This provides incredible insight into loop performance and optimization.


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How to upload configuration and data log files to PC  

PR 4512 - How to upload module configuration and data log files to a PC

Connect PR 4512 Bluetooth communication interface to your PC via PR 4590 ConfigMate and PReset software. Extract logged data in PReset or export it into csv-format.


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Corporate videos


Introduction to PR electronics

We design, develop and manufacture world-class signal conditioning devices for the process and factory automation industry.

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Quality is our DNA

We produce high quality products and continuously invest time and resources to set new standards for increased customer experience.

PR electronics - when quality matters


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Product videos


PR 5437 2-wire HART 7 temperature transmitter

Setting the benchmark for performance and flexibility, the new PR 5437 features a unique high-density 7-terminal design, providing the widest selection of dual-sensor input combinations on the market. From 2 x 4-wire RTDs to potentiometer inputs, there is no longer any compromise on sensor types.


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PR 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter with display and optical buttons

Easy configuration and diagnostics from the front. Temperature process values at a glance.


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