PR Takeback and Recycle Program EU

As a manufacturer of electronic signal conditioning and communication modules, PR electronics A/S recognizes its Producer Responsibility and embraces the opportunity to help protect and preserve our environment by providing safe ways to dispose of electronic and battery e-waste.


With this goal in mind, we’ve created the PR Takeback and Recycle Program as part of our corporate environmental initiative. Customers can be confident that PR branded ‘end-of-life’ products will be managed responsibly.  



Marking of PR products

  PR-branded products are marked with the crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol to indicate that electrical and electronic products and batteries (4512) at the end of their working life must be collected separately and not be disposed together with household waste. Substances in these products can have a potential negative impact on health and environment and therefore users of electronic products and batteries have a role in recycling these waste types, thus contributing to the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment


Recycling Services

In order to provide a Takeback network service, PR has partnered with RLG RENE GmbH, who is specialist with “end-of-life” electronics products and batteries (i.e. e-waste / WEEE). This enables us to offer customers in Europe access to a European network, and the capability to “recycle or refurbish and reuse” our products, diverting from landfill and reducing our environmental impacts. RLG RENE GmbH use facilities that adhere to the international environmental standard ISO 14001 ensuring returned products are disposed of in an environmental safe manner.

To help meet the requirements of your Environmental Management System, PR offers to provide a Certificate of Destruction to customers upon request to certify that your end of life products have been managed responsibly and in accordance with local legislation. See PR electronics A/S Global Producer Responsibility Statement.



PR Takeback Request

Simply press the “Product Takeback Request” link below, complete the form and submit. Your details will be assessed; we will identify the most suitable recycling route / facility, and offer options to assist with collection and transport arrangements.


> Product Takeback Request



Free Recycling for Business Customers

PR provides a free recycling service for PR branded products in European countries where our products are sold. This provides our customers with the option to ensure that end-of-life products are managed in an environmentally responsible way and recycling is carried out at approved facilities in accordance with ISO 14001 requirements.



Collection costs

Recycling is free, however, in some countries customers will be required to take the responsibility for shipment of end-of-life products to a designated collection facility. Customers are free to make their own transport arrangements or to use PR’s service. This can be discussed when making a Takeback Request.


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