Return policy


In the unexpected case a product is not functioning as expected, our products come with a 5-year warranty. In order to expedite a return, please follow these steps before returning products to us:


  1. Contact your local customer support before returning a product to get an RMA number. Most likely, they can troubleshoot remotely and resolve the issue by phone.
  2. If remote troubleshooting is not possible or you just wish to return a product for credit or service, our local customer support will help you prepare a return note and label that must accompany the product back to PR electronics A/S.
  3. Send the product to PR electronics Denmark
  China and USA exemption: Products (not used) to be credited may be returned to your local PR office.


  • For product returns to Denmark PR electronics will pay for the shipment.


Products returned without an RMA and return note will not be processed. A product within warranty will be repaired and returned at the expense of PR electronics.


If the device is fully functional, but you still wish to return the product for a credit, the following conditions apply:


  • The warranty mark, which ensures that the module has not been removed from the packaging, must be intact.
  • The unit must be returned in original and undamaged packaging.

 Standard items (non I.S. items):


  • Items returned within 30 days after delivery will be credited at 100% of the invoiced amount.
  • Items returned after one month and before six months after delivery will be credited at 75% of the invoiced amount.
  • Items returned more than 6 months after delivery will not be credited.


I.S. items:


  • I.S. items returned within 30 days after delivery will be credited at 75% of the invoiced amount.


All field mounted displays (7501) listed below will be credited as standard items:


  • 7501A3A1A11
  • 7501A3A1A12
  • 7501A2A1A11
  • 7501A2A1A12
  • 7501A3A1A21
  • 7501A3A1A22
  • 7501A2A1A21
  • 7501A2A1A22
  • 7501A3B1B11
  • 7501A3B1B12
  • 7501A2B1B11
  • 7501A2B1B12
  • 7501A3B1B21
  • 7501A3B1B22
  • 7501A2B1B21
  • 7501A2B1B22


All other 7501 items are considered special items.


Special items are not credited.

Special items also cover:


  • Accessories (except ConfigMate and PReset which are standard items)
  • Sensors
  • 7501 special versions not listed above.