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PR 4225 Universal f/I-f/f converter – the newest member of our multifunctional series

Very often, long term maintenance and operation of process equipment and machinery means overcoming various obstacles. PR 4225 supports a wide range of sensors, scaling of frequencies between 0.0001 Hz to 100 kHz, and easy programming via display or Bluetooth-connected app for your smart device.

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What are frequency to current converters and what are they used for?

Frequency to current converters are used in control systems to transform a pulse or frequency to an equivalent current signal. Speed and flow are two commonly measured process values. The safety and efficient product delivery of certain process applications relies on accurate speed and flow measurement.

Selecting equipment for explosive atmospheres

The nature of many industrial processes means an explosive gas, vapor or dust atmosphere is present. Whether this be as a by-product of the process or as an inherent process hazard, necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that a fire or explosion does not take place.

PR 5437 2-wire HART 7 temperature transmitter

A true dual input 2-wire HART temperature transmitter. PR 5437 features a unique high-density 7-terminal design, providing the widest selection of dual-sensor input combinations on the market.

PR 4512 Bluetooth communication enabler

Enable live monitoring of your process data, data- and event logging and easy programming of all your PR 4000 and PR 9000 units using 4512 Bluetooth communication enabler.

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