Pulp & Paper

Long-term durability in any environment.


Examples - devices used in pulp and paper industry

  • Measurement and display of band saw blade tension see 2261 and 5714D.
  • For alarm needed when dust bag filter is clogged - 4131.
  • For paper mill application with two large compressors using TC type K to monitor the moisture in the air, requiring very close control and need for two trips for high and low and the mA re-transmission to be fed into the PLC  - 4116 / 4510.
  • For high level isolation between VLT and DCS to eliminate a ground loop issue - device 5104A.
  • For power & isolate signal from humidity sensor adding custom linearizing and re-transmission of signal into PLS - 5116A.


The above are merely examples - kindly contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.