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Reliable signal solutions for Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment 

More efficient water control

In the water supply and wastewater sector, our products are known for being reliable, precise, and long-lasting, made to suit the tough demands of this industry. 

Our products are designed to serve a wide range of applications. Whether it involves monitoring critical processes or managing intricate systems, our solutions are engineered to deliver optimal performance across various environments.

By integrating PR electronics' advanced technology, organisations in the water supply and wastewater treatment sector can enhance operational efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs. Our dedication to quality and precision engineering establishes us as a reliable partner in addressing the industry's challenges.

Explore in which applications our products are used. 



Signal Conditioning in Wastewater Treatment

See where and how PR devices can be used in a wastewater treatment plant.



1. Reverse osmosis - isolation / signal splitting     
2. Multimedia filter - isolation / conversion    
3. Clarified water storage tank - level alarms    
4. Soft water tank - galvanic isolation     
5. WAC DC softeners - linearization     
6. Filter press building - noise isolation    
7. Sludge holding tank - level measurement    
8. Chemical softening system - level measurement    
9. Water recycle tank - level measurement    
10. Forced draft degasification - level measurement    
11. Influent line - flow measurement    


Examples - devices for water and wastewater industry

  • Isolating and splitting the signal from a sensor to a PLC to install local indicator and solve EMC issue - 3109 & 5714.

  • Frequency signal from rotation speed water turbine, conversion and over speed protection with high alarm contacts with mA to PLC - 5225.

  • Lift station level indication in I.S. area back to DCS as well as signal simulation for test - 9202B/4510.

  • Conversion of 4…20 mA to pulse, for the purpose of controlling chlorine metering pumps - 4222.


The above are merely examples - please contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.