Water Supply & Wastewater

More efficient water control.

See where and how PR devices can be used in a wastewater treatment plant.



1. Reverse osmosis - isolation / signal splitting     
2. Multimedia filter - isolation / conversion    
3. Clarified water storage tank - level alarms    
4. Soft water tank - galvanic isolation     
5. WAC DC softeners - linearization     
6. Filter press building - noise isolation    
7. Sludge holding tank - level measurement    
8. Chemical softening system - level measurement    
9. Water recycle tank - level measurement    
10. Forced draft degasification - level measurement    
11. Influent line - flow measurement    


Examples - devices for water and wastewater industry

  • Isolating and splitting the signal from a sensor to a PLC to install local indicator and solve EMC issue - 3109 & 5714.

  • Frequency signal from rotation speed water turbine, conversion and over speed protection with high alarm contacts with mA to PLC - 5225.

  • Lift station level indication in I.S. area back to DCS as well as signal simulation for test - 9202B/4501.

  • Conversion of 4…20 mA to pulse, for the purpose of controlling chlorine metering pumps - 4222.


The above are merely examples - please contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.



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