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PR 5437 HART 7 temperature transmitter achieves NE130 Proven-in-use

To further reinforce the full IEC 61508 certification offered by the PR 5437, a NAMUR group member company has also tested and approved the dual input HART 7 transmitter according to NAMUR NE130 "Proven-in-use"-Devices for Safety Instrumented Systems and simplified SIL Calculation. NE130 is intended to cement the requirements of the IEC 61511 clause regarding “proven in use” and to define an equipment class which is both suitable and simultaneously practical for operating, monitoring and...

Read more equipment in the process industry. This gives the NAMUR group and other companies further evidence of the superior performance and safety the PR 5437 delivers.

PR 5437 is a true dual input HART 7 temperature transmitter with high accuracy and fast response time. Best in class specification includes drift detection, sensor redundancy and programmable sensor limits. Apart from NE130, PR 5437 meets NAMUR NE21, NE43, NE44, NE89, NE95 and NE107 compliant diagnostics information.

What are frequency to current converters and what are they used for?

Frequency to current converters are used in control systems to transform a pulse or frequency to an equivalent current signal. Speed and flow are two commonly measured process values. The safety and efficient product delivery of certain process applications relies on accurate speed and flow measurement.

ATEX vs IECEx differences explained

The ATEX directive and the IECEx scheme are two routes to demonstrate the required safety level. Understand the difference between ATEX and IECEx certification.

PR 5437 2-wire HART 7 temperature transmitter

A true dual input 2-wire HART temperature transmitter. PR 5437 features a unique high-density 7-terminal design, providing the widest selection of dual-sensor input combinations on the market.

PR 4512 Bluetooth communication enabler

Enable live monitoring of your process data, data- and event logging and easy programming of all your PR 4000 and PR 9000 units using 4512 Bluetooth communication enabler.

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