Level measurement and sensor wire break monitoring in multi-tank systems


In industries where multiple tanks store substances or solids, accurate level measurement is crucial for operational efficiency and safety.

Equally important is the ability to monitor and respond to sensor wire breaks, ensuring consistent data integrity and system reliability.

This article delves into a system configuration that achieves these objectives, focusing on a scenario with three collection tanks.

The solution is owned and operated by the media supplier.

System overview

The system comprises three collection tanks, each equipped with a PR electronics 4116 device for level measurement. The end user views only the total fill level of these containers, necessitating a seamless integration and summation of individual measurements.

This configuration not only provides accurate data but also includes a failure identification mechanism for sensor wire break incidents only visible to the supplier.

Normal operation

Each 4116 device continuously measures the fill level in its assigned tank, accurately determining the content volume. These measurements are sent to the 4184 device, which combines the data from all three tanks to calculate the total fill level by summarizing and measuring the individual currents.

This consolidated measurement is displayed to the end user, providing a comprehensive overview of the total volume of the stored medium.


Wire break detection and management

The system's robustness is highlighted by its wire break detection and management capabilities. When a 4116 device detects a wire break, indicated by a fault current of 0 mA, it triggers Relay 2.

This relay sends an error message to the supplier's control center, discreetly alerting maintenance personnel without alarming the end users.

In case of a wire breakage error, the end users are thus presented with the minimum available medium volume.


Technical configuration

The precision of the system lies in its technical configuration. The 4116 devices are meticulously set to handle specific current ranges, ensuring that the correct minimum values are measured during sensor failures.

This configuration guarantees that the end users always receive reliable data, unaffected by potential sensor issues.

Application and benefits

This level measurement and sensor wire break monitoring system is versatile and suitable for any sector that manages multiple storage tanks. It is especially valuable in industries that prioritize accuracy, reliability, and non-disruptive operations.

The system's ability to silently manage sensor issues while providing consistent data to the end users enhances operational trust and efficiency.

Technical excellence

The setup for measuring levels in systems with multiple tanks, which includes sensor wire break monitoring, demonstrates technical excellence. By ensuring accurate data collection and discreet handling of sensor issues, the system supports continuous operations.

Additionally, it maintains the end users' trust in the data's reliability, ensuring steady operational performance.

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