VGO & resid hydrotreater

Temperature measurement



This process is the key to cost effective creation of Vacuum Gas Oil. The main goal is to prepare adequate feeds for further conversion units, generally FCC or hydrocracking, mainly by reducing sulfur and nitrogen contents to maximize propylene production. Maintaining tight temperature control is needed to obtain an efficient catalytic reaction.


The temperature sensors connect directly to a cable, without using a transmitter housing. The long cables running back to the control system can pick up electrical noise and any measurement error can be increased further due to the formation of a ground loop.


These problems can be solved using the PR 6337D (double channel) 2-wire HART transmitter. The TC mV signal is converted to a robust 4...20 mA signal close to the hydrotreater by mounting the 6337D transmitters in a UL cabinet approved for outdoor mounting. The 6337D provides high accuracy CJC compensation. Each 6337D is powered from the safe area using the 9106B HART transparent repeater, which also provides galvanic isolation.






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