General Manager, United Kingdom, with PR electronics since 2000



"We are an ambitious and successful company with a clear vision of where we want to go next. Our product and service quality is second to none in our industry, this is due to the fantastic colleagues I work with globally, day in, day out. The people, the products and our continued success is a key reason why I have been with PR electronics since the year 2000.


Equally important for me is working for a company that invests in its people and promotes talent from within. I have benefitted from various internal and external technical, sales, account management, management and leadership courses, as well as a 3-year MBA course. This has helped me progress from a Sales Engineer to a Sales Manager then to a Country Manager (UK) to Regional Sales Director (Northern Europe) and now the General Management role in the UK. These significant training investments have enabled me to develop myself, but more importantly, help hire and develop the many excellent PR electronics employees who are now helping us reach our sales goals. Seeing colleagues develop and succeed gives me great job satisfaction.


Working for PR electronics, as an entrepreneurial SME, you get a lot of freedom to create value for the company. That freedom can make it a challenging yet rewarding role, to coin a phrase, you reap what you sow. We have a mature performance culture where we all help, support and challenge each other to fulfil our potential and promises. This has been key in continuing to be successful when some of our competitors have found challenging market conditions.


PR electronics is a great company for anyone who wants to develop and be seen not as just a number, but known by name as an important part of our performance culture."