Metal & Steel

Robust isolation from noise and dust.


Strong and durable to minimize noise and dust

PR electronics has been a supplier and partner to equipment manufacturers in the metal and steel industry for more than thirty years, providing a wide range of tough, reliable signal conditioning devices that helps to optimize the control of your processes. Our products include modules with universal AC/DC power supplies, high galvanic isolation and unrivalled EMC immunity, making them useful in the most demanding metal and steel process applications.


Robust isolation

For metal and steel processes, robust products are needed to provide isolation from noise and resolve dust issues. In response, our products can eliminate big noise and ground loop issues with strong EMC immunity. What’s more, without ventilation gaps, our closed housing solves the problem of keeping dust out to ensure reliable high performance.


Standard applications for every need

Our range of standard products covers 98% of all standard applications, which minimizes your need for special spare parts and excess stock. All devices are designed for long-term durability and are in accordance with SIL 2 and IEC 61511 qualifications.   


For more information on what we can offer your industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Examples - devices used in the metal and steel industry

  • 4116 / 4501 - covers 98% of all standard applications, helps reduce stock and keep production up and running.

  • PR electronics’ closed housing eliminates problems with dust - see device 5104B.

  • Have high temperature thermocouple applications connected directly to DCS? Tired of dealing with big noise and ground loops issues? Look for strong EMC immunity - device 9113B.


The above are merely examples - kindly contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.



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