Safe processing with simple calibration.


Safety and simplicity for uniform quality

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by the fact that many large groups have several production units located all around the world. Despite many different operators, they are still able to manufacture products with uniform quality. We designed our devices so that they can be used for a wide range of applications in stations for separation processes, mixing, pelletizing, coating, washing and drying, blister packing, storage, compressing etc.


Wide I.S expertise with safety built-in

Our complete I.S. range complies with the strictest safety requirements. It includes I.S. interfaces, 2-wire transmitters, displays, bus and HART® transmitters with one or more high-standard approvals. We accept nothing less than total safety.


Simple and logical

With our universal devices like the 4000 series, we have simplified operation, making configuration, diagnostics and troubleshooting intuitive and efficient. What’s more, our 3100 series delivers accuracy no less than ±0.05% without calibration and a response time of less than 7 ms even in demanding environments.


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Examples - devices used in pharmaceutical industry

  • Analog signal splitter integrating BMS and PCS under GMP condition - device 3109.
  • Power pressure transmitters, isolate signal for DCS and add alarm in critical fermentation process - 4116.
  • For increasing the accuracy of the temperature measurement in a sterilization vacuum process - 9113B.


The above are merely examples - kindly contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.




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