Coal bunkers

Level measurement



Hard coal and brown coal are the main energy sources for a coal-fired power plant. Delivered by ship or train, the coal is unloaded into bunkers up to 30 m high. The coal is transported to these bunkers from stockpiles at the power plant via conveyer belt systems either over ground or underground. Additional conveyor belts feed pulverizations units where the coal is converted into a fine dust for subsequent combustion in the boiler firebox.


Reliable level measurements are necessary to guarantee uninterrupted feeding of the firebox and prevent overfilling in the bunkers.


A simple solution for this application is setup of a radar sensor at the top of the bunker for no-contact level measurement due to dust and a 2-wire capacitive measurement sensor to prevent overfilling. Since this application is critical, extra alarms are required. Using the PR 4116 universal transmitter combined with the PR 4510 display / programming front, alarms can be activated in case of overfilling and the latching relay function will stop the feeding belt if an overfill condition is detected.






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