Gasoline hydrotreater

Flow measurement



The gasoline hydrotreater unit is a catalytic chemical process unit used to remove sulfur (S) from gasoline. The purpose of removing the sulfur is to reduce the sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions that result from using the gasoline, while maintaning the octace value.


Measurements of impurity and monitoring of the finished petroleum product stream exiting the bottom of the stripper are needed.


A gas chromatograph sensor is used to measure the impurities in the hydrogen recycle stream and a second gas chromatograph sensor is used to monitor the finished petroleum product stream. Each of the sensors are connected to a PR 9116B universal converter to convert the active 4...20 mA signal into a 0...10 VDC signal for the control system. In addition, the PR 9116B adds relay monitoring of the input signal for error detection.





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