Downloads for the 3400 series


Electromechanical counter 3400T
Data sheet 3400T.pdf

Power connector unit 3405
Data sheet 3405.pdf
ATEX certificate 3405_issue9.pdf
IECEx certificate 3405IEC_issue 8.pdf
Declaration of Conformity 3405DoC_102_UK.pdf 3405DoC_101_UK.pdf 3405DoC_100_UK.pdf
Safety note SN3000_114_1939.pdf SN3000_113_1741.pdf SN3000_112_1714.pdf SN3000_111_1703.pdf SN3000_110_1637.pdf SN3000_109_1617.pdf
UL certificate 3103-09_3117-18_3405.pdf
FM certificate 3xxx_FM17CA0003X_US0004X.pdf 3xxx_FM_3041043_C.pdf
DNV-GL marine certificate DNV_GL_3xxx_TAA00001RW.pdf
EAC declaration EAC-Declaration.pdf
EAC Ex certificate EAC_Ex.pdf
Metrology Pattern Approval (MPA) MPA_Russia.pdf