PPS release notes


PPS version 3.0.3


New in this version:


  • Datalogging displays only 1 graph even though there are 2 channels, and the graph is always called Graph 1 (PPS-98)
  • PPS LOG PLOT: Does not show if log has gaps in time (PR design) (PPS-37)
  • Genera, mixup PPS (PPS-50)
  • Automatic time adjustment (PPS-115)
  • Modbus fail for 4179/4184 (PPS-133)
  • Wrong data inserted for "error status" and "out state" (PPS-135)
  • 9113 Temperature data wrong scale in graph (PPS-136)



PPS version 3.0.2


New in this version:


  • Added support for 4184 device. (PPS-19)
  • Updated labeling for multiple channel devices. (PPS-85) / (PPS-95)
  • Updated 4116 simulation to match functionality of 45xx display. (PPS-87) / (PPS-96)
  • Simulation user interface updated to indicate if simulation value can be modified. (PPS-93)
  • Output value is now always shown in top left corner of summary view. (PPS-94)
  • Updated CSV file to display negative values in correct format. (PPS-102)