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Extend electric motor life and prevent damage through monitoring

In industrial settings, electric motors are crucial, powering everything from basic to complex machines. Keeping them running efficiently and safely is vital. Regular checks on motor performance help avoid overload on motor and drive, prevent damage to machinery and equipment, and keep workers safe.

For optimal motor operation, monitoring temperature and load is crucial

Monitor current for overload detection and damage prevention

When a motor draws more current than usual, it could be a sign of an overload due to excessive wear on gear components, the drive assembly, and bearings. Monitoring the current consistently helps identify these problems early, allowing for timely intervention to avoid damage and schedule planned downtime.

Monitor temperature to prevent overheating

Overheating in motors can result from operational strain or component failure. Systematic temperature monitoring, focusing on essential areas like bearings, enables early detection and intervention to prevent overheating.

PR electronics' monitoring solutions

To ensure the extended life and optimal functioning of motors in industrial settings, PR electronics offers a range of products designed for detailed monitoring.

Utilizing PR electronics' current and temperature transmitters, companies can protect their equipment from overload, wear, and overheating, ensuring steady and productive operations.

PR electronics ensures dependable and accurate solutions, helping businesses keep their motors running optimally, minimizing interruptions, and enhancing workplace safety.

Current monitoring with PR electronics 4179

The PR electronics 4179 device measures current up to 5 AAC, typically from a current transformer (CT) that reduces high currents, e.g., 500 AAC, to 5 AAC. It then transforms this into an isolated, accurate signal, e.g., 4-20 mADC or 0-10 VDC, for control systems or safety controllers. These systems are programmed to shut off the motor if the current exceeds a preset threshold. This setup offers numerous benefits by enhancing safety, preventing motor damage, and ensuring efficient operation by accurately monitoring and controlling the current flow.

The PR electronics 4179 can adjust to any current between 0 and 5 AAC, allowing you to fine-tune its range for specific needs, such as between 2 and 2.75 AAC. This adjustment enhances the precision of your mA / V output signal.


Temperature measurement in electric motors with PR electronics

Accurate temperature monitoring in electric motor bearings is crucial for maintaining optimal motor performance and preventing equipment failure. PR electronics offers a variety of devices designed for precise temperature measurement using RTD or Thermocouple signals.

The PR electronics 3114 device, for example, is compatible with Pt100 and Thermocouple types J and K, providing flexible options for different motor environments.

The 4116 device offers a comprehensive solution by supporting all RTD and Thermocouple signals, along with linear resistance inputs, making it adaptable for thermistors (NTC/PTC) too. This makes the 4116 a versatile tool for temperature monitoring, equipped with mA / V output and two relay outputs for critical control and safety functions. These relays can be configured to activate or deactivate at specific temperatures or in response to system errors, enabling the 4116 to act as a standalone fail-safe unit.

The 4116 device boasts enhanced functionality through its compatibility with a range of click-on display options, improving user interaction and connectivity:

  • 4510 Display: Offers local access via front buttons, simplifying direct device management.

  • 4511 Modbus enabler: Facilitates Modbus RTU RS485 communication, allowing for integrated network control.

  • 4512 Bluetooth enabler: Provides Bluetooth connectivity for remote adjustments and monitoring through the PPS app using a phone or tablet.

Enhanced motor protection with high galvanic isolation

To counteract noise and electromagnetic interference from motors, it's crucial to use a converter / transmitter with high galvanic isolation. PR electronics provides dependable protection with our range of fully isolated temperature transmitters:

These transmitters play a key role in maintaining motor efficiency and safety, preventing overheating, and enhancing the overall durability and dependability of motor operations.