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The alkylation units are a sensitive but key process in many refineries. It’s a conversion process unit used to convert isobutene and low-molecular-weight alkenes into alkylate, which is a very high-octane component of the end-product gasoline or petrol. Sulfuric acid is used as a catalyst to produce alkylates out of hydrocarbons. ‘Fresh’ (high concentration) acid enters the process and is mixed with the hydrocarbons in a series of reactors and settlers.


Measurement of the sulfuric acid concentration in the alkylation process is very important to ensure a high product quality. If the concentration is higher than required, acid consumption costs are too high. If the concentration is lower than required, the efficiency of the process is reduced.


A coriolis flowmeter is a great solution for getting the most accurate and reliable measurement of both mass flow rate and in-situ process density for this application.

The analog output signal from the flowmeter is connected to an IS PR 9116B universal converter. The output from the 9116B (located in the safe area), is connected to the control system. In addition, the 9116B adds a relay alarm contact for sensor breakage detection.






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