Aromatics extraction

Signal duplication / isolation



The aromatics extraction unit is used by refineries to separate a mixture of aromatics into pure benzene, toluene and mixed xylenes products. It is also commonly called a BTX (benzene-toluene-xylene) unit. The product streams are then either processed by a chemical unit within the refinery or sold to a nearby chemical plant.


Solvent extraction in the aromatics extraction units has a low energy use compared to distillation. The most important function is to ensure product purity and at the same type minimize loss of products. To control the process, several gas chromatographs are needed. They provide positive identification of each chemical component and accurate measurement of the overall composition of chemicals in the mixture.


Each process gas chromatograph provides an analog 4...20 mA signal that is re-transmitted to a chart-recorder for documentation and to the control system. The 9106B HART transparent repeater is the perfect solution, offering high accuracy and duplication of one 4...20 mA signal into two galvanically isolated 4...20 mA signals. The 9106 automatically provides a sinking or sourcing signal as needed to the downstream equipment… a feature unique to PR electronics.






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