Multimedia filter

Isolation / conversion



The multimedia filter is used to reduce the level of suspended solids (turbidity) in incoming feed water.


Unlike traditional sand filters, multi-media water filters are composed of three filtration media, ordered in decreasing porosity. Because of their multi-layer design, multi-media water filters are able to trap and retain a far larger number of particles than traditional sand filters before backwashing becomes necessary. The process of multimedia filtration produces high quality, filtered water at much faster flow rates than traditional sand filtration. Pressure measurements in the multimedia filtration system are very important because of head loss.


As the water flows through the media, solids are trapped, increasing head pressure and decreasing flow. Eventually, the flow drops to a point where the filter must be cleaned.

A differential pressure transmitter is used to measure when the backwash should be initiated. 


The DP transmitter is powered, measured, and isolated by the 9116A universal converter. The 9116A can detect any error on the 4...20 mA input signal and set a relay contact output. The 9116A can convert an active DP transmitter to a passive 4...20 mA output signal.






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