Fly ash

Carbon content measurement



Fly ash is produced during combustion of coal and normally exits to the atmosphere with the flue gases. The fly ash is captured by an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and directed to the bottom of the precipitator, where it is removed. Measurement of carbon content in the fly ash is an important indicator for the efficiency of the combustion process allowing optimizing of the combustion rate, which increases the boiler efficiency.


Carbon content measurements are done by using a microwave transmitter and receiver. The transmitter provides three 4...20 mA output signals representing carbon density, ash density, and percentage of carbon in the ash. All signals need to be converted to a frequency output for a digital PLC input card because no more analog input channels are available.


The solution for this application is 3 pieces of the PR 4222 universal I/f converter with the PR 4510 display / programming front attached. The 4222 converts the 4...20 mA signals to a very precise frequency input to the PLC.






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