Flow and pressure measurements



A vaporizer is used to deliver ammonia vapor to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reactors, for the control of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Precise measurements of flow and pressure by two-wire style transmitters in the vaporizer tank are necessary to ensure the precise NOx reduction. At the same time, the flow and pressure signals need to be replicated to a chart recorder to document the catalytic process.


A great solution for these requirements is 2 x PR 3109 isolated converters / splitters. The first 3109 powers the pressure transmitter, the second 3109 powers the flow transmitter. Each 3109 produces two outputs: A 0...10 VDC signal to the PLC and a 4...20 mA signal to the chart recorder. Galvanic isolation, high accuracy signal duplication and robust EMC immunity are all provided by the 3109.






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