Reliability and safety without compromise.


Good chemistry from total reliability

Signal conditioning in the chemical and petrochemical production industry is largely a matter of reducing process costs as many chemicals require special manufacturing processes where every drop counts. So, you can rely on us to provide accurate, safe, and stable signal conditioning devices with outstanding EMC performance.


Safety without compromise

Safety is always a priority. Our complete I.S. range complies with the strictest safety requirements and includes I.S. interfaces, 2-wire transmitters, displays, bus and HART® transmitters with one or more of approvals. All our I.S. interfaces are intrinsically safe isolation barriers that, in contrast to Zener barriers, ensure low installation costs with no grounding necessary, maintenance-free operation and the prevention of ground loops and asymmetrical noise effects.


Accuracy you can count on

In the chemical industry producing the right amount with the right quality is of vital importance. Accuracy, long term stability and response time is absolutely critical. That’s why our latest isolation devices (3100 series) raise the bar, delivering a standard deviation of as little as ±0.05% with no calibration needed. This series also provides a response time of less than 7 ms and is approved for installation in demanding environments.


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Examples - devices used in chemical industry

  • HART based measurement of temperature after the heat exchanger for regulation of steam pipe - 5337D & 9106B.

  • Measurement of gas leakage demand full assessment SIL 2 loop - 5335D & 9116B.

  • Signal splitter (1 input & 2 output) for temperature signals with output signals to main PLC and safety PLC - 6335D & 9106B.


The above are merely examples - kindly contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.




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