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Chemical Compliance


In close corporation with our supply chain we strive to ensure compliance with the following chemical regulations on all PR-produced products (which is also covered by the PR electronics negative list):


  • EU Directive 65/2011/EU RoHS 2 incl. EU Directive 2015/863 RoHS 3
  • EPA TSCA Section 6(h) on PBT substances
  • EU Regulation 1907/2006/EC REACH
  • EU Directive 2018/851/EP, ECHA SCIP
  • China RoHS 2 – EFUP 50 years 
  • EU Directive 66/2006/EC on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators
  • EU Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste 
  • IMO MEPC 269(68) 
  • EU Regulation No 1257/2013, EU SRR, is under implementation
  • US Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502 
  • EU Regulation 2017/821, the Conflict Minerals Regulation




If EU REACH limit values are exceeded in some components appearing in the product, information of this must appear on all orders – a link to our Chemical Compliance Statement on all orders ensures this.


EU SCIP Registration from 5 January 2021

Companies supplying articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHCs) according to REACH on the EU market have to submit information on these products / articles to ECHA, as from 5 January 2021.


The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has built a database for mandatory registration and storing of these data.

  • It is referred to as the Substances of Concern In Products – SCIP registration.
  • The information in the database is then made available to waste operators and end users.


PR has registered all affected products based on product main type containing components with SVHC reported from our suppliers for both PR Headquarter (manufacturer) as well as our Sales Subsidiaries within EU.


PR Headquarters will continually ensure that the data entered is maintained as REACH is updated and / or new data is received from our suppliers.


If a PR product is NOT listed in the SCIP Database it means that it does not contain any SVHC’s in a concentration above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w).


See list of SCIP Registration numbers per product main type here


Conflict Minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold)

In 2010, the U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed concerning “conflict minerals” originating from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries.

In 2017 the EU passed the EU Regulation on Conflict Minerals originating from ‘Conflict-affected and High-risk Areas’. The regulation applies on January 1, 2021.

Information on minerals and their country of origin present in PR electronics’s products is disclosed using the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) created by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI). The scope for PR electronics’s CMRT is at Company level and thereby encompasses all PR products.


See PR electronics’s CMRT (v6.31)


Maintaining chemical compliance throughout the supply chain

Requirements are continually monitored and assessed. Twice a year PR electronics receive a systematic update and evaluation of legal changes from an external environment advisory company. On a regular basis we perform a systematic chemical compliance assessment of our suppliers.

In 2019, PR electronics entered into a partnership with Assent Compliance, a supply chain data management company, for a more efficient and platform-based collection and handling of chemical compliance data for all of our components. For more information on the Assent Compliance Platform see:  

Besides collecting data / information from our suppliers, PR electronics has in 2015 also had a few tests successfully performed by an external accredited lab (Bureau Veritas - Germany) on the chemical/material content of some of our complex products and components to validate the data from our suppliers.


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