Integrety 700X215

Business with integrity

PR electronics continuously strives to be a business based on responsibility and integrity both internally and externally. These values have been and will continue to be our guiding principles.


Code of Conduct - Training of all PR employees worldwide 

All PR electronics employees receives a basic training in our Code of Conduct and for selected staff an e-learning module together with an online test concerning bribery and anti-corruption must be passed.


Suppliers & Business Partners


Our suppliers and Business Partners are also required to comply with the PR electronics Code of Conduct. At PR electronics, we value strong relationships and consider our suppliers and Business Units among our most important business partners. Our suppliers are not only important to our commercial performance and the quality of our products, they are also key partners in our ambition to be world class within “performance made smarter”.


PR electronics’ two general business principles are divided into:


  • Compliance with the Law – Suppliers and business partners must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate
  • Responsibility and Integrity – Suppliers and business partners must respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of all individuals and should not tolerate personal discrimination.


Supply Chain - Minimum requirements


Before a supplier can be taken into consideration the potential supplier must besides the commercial and technical aspects comply with a list of minimum requirements within the following areas:



To maintain our high quality standard, the performance of existing suppliers are continually assessed and once a year a supplier audit plan is scheduled for suppliers with low performance.


PR electronics has the option of using an external advisor in matters / questions to our Code of Conduct.



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