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Kirk Kapital led acquisition of PR electronics together with AGIC

Kirk Kapital led acquisition of PR electronics in partnership with specialist private equity firm AGIC Capital from Kim Rasmussen and select management members.


Going forwards the majority of the company will continue to be controlled by a majority of Danish Investors including Kirk Kapital, management and Kim Rasmussen who will reinvest into the company.


The entire Executive Management team will continue their current roles in PR electronics and are also looking forward to further accelerate the growth and successful development of the company in the years to come.


PR electronics have been a part of my life since I was a child. I am immensely proud of what we have all created since the foundation in 1974. However, the time has now come where I believe PR electronics is best served with new ownership. Kirk Kapital and AGIC are, in combination, a great future ownership constellation for PR electronics. I will, however, remain shareholder and will with pride follow also the future successful development of PR electronics,” says Kim Rasmussen.


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