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Celebrating 45 years of design and production of high precision technology for the process industry

03 December 2019
For 45 years we have been driven by engineers deeply committed to delivering leading-edge process instrumentation.


PR 9116-EMP and PR 9113-EMP now EMPHASIS assessed

27 August 2019
Developed by the UK Control and Instrumentation Nuclear Industry Forum (CINIF), EMPHASIS is a production excellence assessment. The assessment requires a thorough examination of a manufacturer’s processes, and evidence relating to the design and build of the specific product under evaluation.


Try our new DIP-switch configuration tool

25 February 2019
Get an easy overview of the DIP-switch settings for all configurable devices in the PR 3000 series.


The 4184 Universal uni-/bipolar signal transmitter is now available

22 November 2018
In all aspects of the design, PR electronics has focused on the multifunctionality of the 4000 se...


The brand-new 4179 Universal AC/DC transmitter – the latest addition to the PR electronics’ 4000 series

21 November 2018
In all aspects of the design, PR electronics has focused on the multifunctionality of the 4000 se...


The PR 7501 in the world’s largest solar heating plant

01 November 2018
CO₂ neutral by 2030. That is the big goal of the municipality of Silkeborg in Denmark. And since ...


PR electronics introduces the PR 5437 - A true dual input 2-wire HART temperature transmitter

19 August 2018
Setting the benchmark for performance and flexibility, the new PR 5437 features a unique high-den...


The new PR electronics warranty seal

18 May 2017
With the implementation of a new 5-year-warranty seal, PR electronics makes returns easier and fa...


PR electronics achieves silver rating in first EcoVadis assessment

16 May 2017
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has in recent years become a significant parameter for many...


Increase accuracy and reliability while reducing downtime and energy consumption

16 May 2017
Going to Instrumentation Scotland or Sensors & Instrumentation? Lets make your industrial process...


Now available in stainless steel: The 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter

12 April 2017
PR electronics’ 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter allows for safe and easy temperat...


PR electronics is now ready with a new 3100 unit

21 March 2017
By releasing the brand-new 3186B Output loop-powered current isolator, PR electronics can now off...


PR electronics’ new product return policy

02 February 2017
Whenever a customer has reason to return one of PR electronics’ products, the process should be a...


The new PR Knowledge Library

19 January 2017
Browse in more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in our new PR Knowledge Library.


Product Spotlight: The PR electronics 9106B HART transparent repeater

17 November 2016
Get an introduction to HART and the 9106B and what it can do for you.


Product Spotlight: The PR electronics 9203B Solenoid/alarm driver

10 November 2016
Get an introduction to the 9203B and what it can do for you.


Easy access to PR electronics device data for your project designs via the EPLAN portal

03 December 2015
Are you an EPLAN user? You can find PR electronics device data in the EPLAN data portal...


PR electronics participates at SPS IPC Drives 2015 in Nuremberg

22 November 2015
Are you attending SPS 2015? – Make sure to take advantage of visiting PR electronics’ stand; see ...


Signal conditioning and process control: ‘Going universal’ enhances process performance and reduces the number of spare parts needed

21 October 2015
In many areas of the process industries there are needs to reduce costs and improve efficiency. A...


Royal visit at PR electronics

02 September 2015
On Tuesday September 1st HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visited PR electronics main office and ...


Easy-to-use ‘request for quotation’ form added to prelectronics.com

18 August 2015
New feature on PR electronics’ website allows visitors to add products to a list and submit it fo...


Temperature process values at a glance

24 June 2015
7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter with display and optical buttons offers easy conf...


7 considerations when choosing a multifunction transmitter

28 May 2015
Here are some things you should consider if you want to ‘go multifunctional’. Replacing single fu...


Diagnostics data for preventive maintenance

27 April 2015
With the PR 4511 communication enabler mounted on PR 4000/9000 devices, you can get digital acces...


Remote control system at distribution plants – do you have control but need more flexibility?

13 April 2015
Is the remote control system at your distribution plant less flexible and more complicated than i...


8 tips and advice for reducing the effects of EMI on your instrumentation signals

09 March 2015
Electro magnetic interference, or EMI, is commonly found in industrial environments, and can adve...


Reduce cost by simplifying wiring

18 February 2015
Using a large number of signal conditioning devices in your process? Simplifying wiring can resul...


10 questions and answers about the PR 4511 communication enabler

02 February 2015
For new installations and process industry professionals who already use PR 4000/9000 devices in ...


40 years anniversary stories

05 January 2015
In December 2014 PR electronics celebrated its 40 years anniversary. In connection with this we...


180 degrees display rotation feature added to the PR 4511 Communication enabler

16 December 2014
Now process industry professionals having a PR 4000/9000 series install base can take advantage o...


PR electronics launches a Finnish version of its global website

01 September 2014
PR electronics has launched a Finnish language version of its global website - www.prelectronics....


Seven tips and advice for signal conditioning devices in hazardous areas

25 August 2014
Many areas in the process industry are classified as hazardous areas. Electrical equipment such a...


Discover HART 7 in a 6 mm temperature transmitter

15 August 2014
Never seen before in a 6 mm device, the HART 7 technology featured in the new 3113 and 3337 tempe...


New series of 6 mm temperature devices delivers on performance

20 May 2014
The compact temperature devices of the PR 3000 series provide high accuracy, fast response time A...


PR 4511 - remote access to your process values

13 May 2014
The PR 4511 communication enabler represents PR’s innovative take on providing easy and cost-effe...


Multifunctional transmitters provide more flexibility and less need for spare parts

05 May 2014
Having one variant that applies to a broad range of signal conditioning applications greatly simp...


FM, IECEx and INMETRO approvals for the PR 5343 2-wire level transmitter

07 April 2014
PR has recently applied and received IECEx and INMETRO certification on the PR 5343A 2-wire level...


IECEx and INMETRO approvals for the PR 5333A and the PR 5333D

12 March 2014
The PR 5333A 2-wire programmable transmitter and the PR 5333D 2-wire programmable transmitter are...


Optimize your panel for more flexibility and less power consumption

28 February 2014
Use less space – and less power too. Did you know that the temperature transmitters and converter...


SIAF 2014 in Guangzhou, March 3-5

19 February 2014
- demoing I.S. barriers, the new PR backplane and more…


Android version of the PPS app available

13 February 2014
An Android version of the PPS app is now available. The app provides remote access to devices in ...


Distribution partner for Ireland & Northern Ireland

23 January 2014
Park Electrical Services appointed distribution partner for Ireland & Northern Ireland


Signal transmitters and converters you can trust under changing ambient temperature conditions

21 January 2014
Did you know that there are signal transmitters designed to achieve precise measurements, even wh...


PR electronics, the leading manufacturer and supplier of I.S. interfaces, is training own ATEX and Intrinsic Safety specialists

03 January 2014
PR electronics has invested in its own people to create highly educated ATEX specialists in the c...


PPS app – available as browser plug-in

18 December 2013
Live data directly from PR electronics 4000 and 9000 devices – anywhere at any time


Presenting the PR 4511 and Backplane at SPS IPC Drives

21 November 2013
PR electronics is participating at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany, November 26-28 - Europe’...


Expanding PR’s global presence

21 October 2013
These days PR electronics’ owner Kim Rasmussen is stepping into a new role for PR. He is transfer...


A new standard in backplanes

11 September 2013
PR electronics is expanding the I.S. range with a unique, new backplane


PPS app

28 August 2013
Live data – directly from your device – anywhere at any time


From analog to digital with 4511

19 June 2013
Introducing PR 4511 – a new, detachable interface which enables digital communication on all curr...


4114, 4116, and 4131

28 February 2013
Perfect for measuring the RTDs found in electric motors and generators...


The 5714 and 5715 digital displays with additional features

05 February 2013
Discover new features and possibilities in PR's universal converters and displays...


PR 5337 transmitter with HART® 7 protocol

30 November 2012
Designed for your future temperature applications…


3117 Bipolar Isolated Converter

30 October 2012
The perfect choice for bipolar to unipolar signal conversion...


3118 Bipolar Isolated Converter/Splitter

25 October 2012
Two isolated signals to separate control instruments


4104 Universal Uni-/Bipolar Signal Transmitter

10 October 2012
A great choice for the most demanding applications


Save time by using 4501 for smart process calibration

25 June 2012
Introducing the detachable programming/display 4501 unit.


3109 Signal Splitter: high performance, simple and slim

21 June 2012
Do you have an application that involves conversion and splitting of current and voltage signals?...


PR electronics continues to grow

07 June 2012
In an industry characterized by outsourcing to the Far East, PR electronics succeeds via Danish p...


The groundbreaking HART transmitter 5337

29 March 2012
PR electronics is launching one of the first head mounted 2-wire temperature transmitters with HA...


Not much space on your DIN rail?

19 March 2012
Introducing the 3185 loop powered isolator and 3186 2-wire transmitter isolator to the market. At...


Launch of the 5725 pulse/frequency display

07 March 2012
Pulse/frequency display suitable for the energy, cement and marine industries.


Inauguration in China

01 March 2012
PR electronics inaugurates subsidiary in Shanghai, China.


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