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Now available in stainless steel: The 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter

PR electronics’ 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter allows for safe and easy temperature monitoring, even in harsh and hazardous environments. Now customers, especially dealing with corrosive process environments, have the option of choosing a stainless steel housing.

Designed for the harsh and hazardous environments often found in today’s process industries, the PR 7501 features a single compartment explosion-proof / flame-proof design with various mounting and thread options. Global compliance is assured through a full range of ATEX and Marine approvals.


The PR 7501’s class-leading, high-definition display features a 5-digit read-out, radial bar graph and process/diagnostic related text. This is further enhanced by an energy-efficient backlight, which can be white or red, and even flash on error conditions.


Ease of use is further enhanced by the unique patent-pending local operator interface.


New stainless steel version


The PR 7501, with its capability of providing high definition local indication of critical process values and diagnostic information, has over the last couple of years been able to prove itself in a number of different industries. From concentrated solar power plants to gas seal systems, the PR 7501 has been the device of choice for applications demanding class leading local process indication and transmitter performance.


With the brand-new stainless steel version now available, the PR 7501 is now also an excellent choice, when it comes to the additional challenges offered by harsh and corrosive process environments. Customers in the marine, offshore and chemical industries, for example, will now be able to take full advantage of the many benefits of the PR 7501’s unique design.


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