Reduce cost by simplifying wiring

Using a large number of signal conditioning devices in your process? Simplifying wiring can result in significant cost savings – in panels as well as larger industrial installations.


Industrial automation systems often require a large number of signal conditioning devices. Conventional input and output (I/O) methods for wiring include point-to-point connections where wiring networks attach I/O points to a central location. In a typical set-up multiple wires are connected to each field device. Such point-to-point wiring involves costly wiring – which is time-consuming to install and complex to troubleshoot.

Compared to traditional hard wiring, solutions that simplify wiring provide reduced installation costs, simplified connections, increased plant flexibility and reduced commissioning time – which can result in significant cost savings.


Examples of easy-to-install solutions designed to simplify wiring in industrial installations with an installed PR device base are:


Panel installations

The PR power rail for PR 3000 and 9000 devices eliminates the need to daisy-chain the wires.

It also provides a scalable solution – additional PR devices can easily be snapped onto the rail, no tools needed.


Power rail from PR electronics   9106B HART transparent repeater from PR electronics


PR power rail 35 x 15 mm (W x D). Also available in 35 x 7.5 mm (W x D).


Larger industrial installations

You can simplify installation and wiring in larger industrial process installations with the PR backplane.


The PR backplane is a user-friendly and reliable connection between the DCS/PLC system and isolators or barriers, it offers an easy snap on/off feature for device replacement and can be installed on DIN rail or on wall/plate - horizontally or vertically.


7908 8-slot backplane from PR electronics   The PR backplane – shown here in an 8 module slot configuration. The backplane is compatible with all PR 9000 products.


For more information about PR backplane.

For more information about PR power rail see accessories.





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