“Electrical noise generated by other analog signals and automation equipment is not an issue we have to deal with...”

Cool Clean Technologies, a US-based OEM manufacturer of CO2 technology systems, chose the PR 3331 temperature converter for many of its cleaning solutions – the main reasons: greater channel density, EMC performance and easy configuration.


Cool Clean Technologies is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of CO2 technology systems. Their CO2 technology is used in many applications involving the medical, aerospace, consumer electronics, and semi-conductor industries.




Among its products and solutions, Cool Clean Technologies offers cleaning solutions for ambient pressure environments such as the AILCS CO2 Spray Cleaning System (pictured to the left).


Examples of CO2 cleaning applications are removal of particulate and thin film contamination from Hard Disk Drives, optics, and other electronics.


The cleaning systems are stand-alone or integrated units engineered for reliability and tailored to specific applications.


Cool Clean Technologies uses approximately 2-6 type K thermocouples for each machine in order to monitor and adjust the temperature of the CO2 and propellant. Further, the integrated spray temperatures inside the machine are monitored to optimize the performance of the system.

Significant space savings in the panel

Cool Clean Technologies has used PR electronics as a trusted partner and supplier for several years and selected the PR 3331 temperature converter for the machines temperature application. Mr. Jason Dionne, Engineering Manager at Cool Clean explains:


“The 3331 temperature converters are only 6 mm wide allowing for greater channel density and significant space savings in the panel. The converters also offer selectable DIP-settings that are easy to configure. This is particularly helpful since we use a variety of temperature ranges in our equipment, allowing our integrators and field service technicians to easily change ranges without the use of software”.


Electrical noise is no longer an issue

Besides the converters space saving capacity and ease of use, Mr. Dionne is also satisfied with the converters EMC performance:

“High levels of electrical noise can be a problem when the automation components of our systems are running. With the 3331’s high level of isolation and suppression, noise is no longer an issue we have to deal with. This was especially important when receiving CE certification and meeting other electrical codes.”



Thank you

We sincerely thank Mr. Jason Dionne, Cool Clean Technologies, for participating in this article.


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