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Case Intro Safe



Compressor 508X240  

Safe S.p.A., Italy

Stable and accurate temperature signal readings in natural gas compressors with heavy engine vibration...


Aa 700X339   

Avelair Compressed Air Solutions, UK

Designing an ATEX compliant compressed air system, Avelair required a partner that could offer them comprehensive certification and documentation to enable them to complete a thorough robust safety lifecycle documentation package for the system...


Cool Clean Us  

Cool Clean Technologies, USA


“High levels of electrical noise can be a problem when the automation components of our systems are running. With the 3331’s high level of isolation and suppression, noise is no longer an issue we have to deal with". 


Preventative Maintenance Shutterstock Image  

SHP Automation, UK

On a recent project SHP Automation Ltd. used data provided by the PR 4511 communication enabler to develop software modules in the DCS that provide full diagnostics. SHP's client company has been able to use the data for preventive maintenance...

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NLMK Factory700x413  

NLMK Indiana, USA

Using the PR 9113 temperature/mA converter and 4501 display programming front for a variety of applications throughout the plant has made signal monitoring more advanced at NLMK – and less complicated.Using the PR 9113 temperature/mA converter and 4501 display programming front for a variety of applications throughout the plant has made signal monitoring more advanced at NLMK – and less complicated.

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China Case Story1 700X389   

AkzoNobel, China

Stable, safe, and high precision measurement of temperature signals in all stages of the manufacturing process is of the essence at AkzoNobel’s polysulfide plant in Taixin…


CAT Jpg 700X413  

C.A.T., Germany

C.A.T. Gmbh – an oilfield service company based in Celle, Germany - designs & manufactures a full range of well stimulation, drilling, cementing and work over equipment and supply a full range of supporting products for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

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Lyonnaise des Eaux, France

Lyonnaise des Eaux in Montgeron decided to renovate its lift station cabinets - getting a much simpler, more cost-efficient setup with remote access to transmitter data and programming – along with the ability to tele-monitor the water level in pumping stations via secure network…

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Fyn Power Station 700X413  

Fynsværket / Vattenfall, Denmark

The maintenance team at Fyn Power Station were fed up getting error messages and false system alarms from one of the boiler’s temperature surveillance systems. The problem occurred when the ambient temperature approached 60 ˚C. ... they decided to do a test set-up with PR 3111 isolated TC converters – and that solved the problem … also at 60 ˚C .

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Kasselwasser 700X306  


When renovating one of its wastewater facilities, KASSELWASSER wanted a flexible and durable transmitter for the installation. The PR 4116 universal transmitter was specified for the application...



PR electronics is the trusted partner for the process and factory automation industry. We serve some of the biggest brands across continents.


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