5714 5715A

The 5714 and 5715 digital displays with additional features

Discover new features and possibilities in PR's universal converters and displays...

A 2-point process calibration is now possible on all input types measured by the 5714 and 5715, perfect for matching the display to nearly any process or temperature input.

The indicators also measure copper RTDs found in electric motors/generators, plus linear position and level sensors with a 2-wire resistance output. Additionally, thermistors up to 9999 ohms can be measured and linearized by the 5715 display.

Furthermore, our new expanded 0...100% contact hysteresis (deadband) allows you to program the relays for maximum range between contact setpoint and reset point, making these units more flexible than ever.

For maximum flexibility, the LED display intensity can be adjusted, making the 5714 and 5715 displays usable in a wide range of ambient light conditions.


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