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Access all your process data via Bluetooth with PR 4512

Enable Bluetooth communication and data logging on all your PR 4000 and PR 9000 units. Just mount the PR 4512 on the front of the device from PR electronics and install the PPS app on your smart device (iOS  and Android). This enables live monitoring of your process data, data- and event logging and easy programming of your device.

Access all existing and future PR 4000 and PR 9000 units

Supporting our existing PR 4000 and PR 9000 devices and all future releases, the 4512 provides the simplest and most cost effective way to enhance functionality of your signal interfaces.

Easy programming

Using your smart device, you can now via Bluetooth program and configure your compatible PR devices. 

Live monitoring of process values 

You will be able to easily analyze historic and real-time process data on your smart device while on site. 

Event and data logging

With its 100 MB onboard memory, the 4512 can log more than 2.75 million and up to 5.50 million data points (device specific).


The 4512 also captures device specific measurement, status or relay errors. Using the built-in real-time clock, it logs the exact time of any error event, incl. relay status.

Both logs can be monitored directly in the PPS app or exported in .csv format. This provides incredible insight into loop performance and optimization. 

Safe access to your process data

The 4512 is default setup with two-factor authentication and can be removed when not in use. 

Worldwide use

The 4512 comes with extensive Bluetooth approvals: USA (FCC), Canada (IC), RED (Radio Equipment directive) for all European countries and Turkey, China (SRRC), South Korea (KC), Australia (RCM), Brazil (ANATEL), Japan (MIC) and Peru (MTC).  
Also approved for mounting in Zone 2, FM (Div 2), IECEx and FM.



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