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With the 3108 Isolated repeater/splitter Jensen Instrument Company had the smartest solution for their customer

After many years of close cooperation with PR electronics, Marc Sanchez of Jensen Instrument Company knew how to put the best bid together for a wastewater project in California.


Founded in San Mateo, California, in 1925, Jensen Instrument Company of Northern California provides electrical solutions to a wide range of customers and other electrical contractors, from temperature and pressure measurements to providing small PLC solutions.


Jensen Instrument and PR electronics have been working together since 2002 – the year the American subsidiary of PR electronics was founded. During that time, the two companies have mainly cooperated in order to fulfill Jensen Instrument's needs when working with temperature and isolation.


Smart solutions for Jensen Instrument's customers

In 2016, Marc Sanchez, of Jensen Instrument's Inside Sales team, was preparing a bid together with a customer for a municipal wastewater customer in Ukiah, California.


The wastewater plant had an existing SCADA system that was not able to handle as many signals as necessary. They had three existing signals, that needed to go to a separate PLC – one flow signal and two level measurements.


A competing bid involved new transmitters, which would be a rather expensive solution. Marc Sanchez, however, could use his knowledge about the 3108 Isolated repeater/splitter to propose a simpler solution at a significantly lower price point. “With the PR 3108 it was possible for me to simply split the signals to two outputs, which meant that no new transmitters were needed – just a new PLC and some HMIs. That way, I could deliver a bid at half the price of what the wastewater plant already had received,” says Marc Sanchez.


Additionally, by adding a wireless radio transmitter, the responsible technician is now able to monitor the flow and level signals remotely, as well as automating the control. This saves a daily two-hour drive to the location – worth around $ 30,000 in labor costs a year.


Working together

“After many years of working together, we know that PR electronics is only a phone call away. We appreciate the industry knowledge and experience that PR's sales engineers and customer support team can share. So whenever a suitable project appears, we are happy to discuss it with them,” says Marc Sanchez.


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