Renovation of digestion tower at wastewater facility provided additional capacity for the sludge and improved the efficiency of the plant

When renovating one of its wastewater facilities, KASSELWASSER wanted a flexible and durable transmitter for the installation. The PR 4116 universal transmitter was specified for the application - and proved itself so well in action that it is now the site standard.


KASSELWASSER, Germany, delivers water and wastewater services to the city of Kassel and parts of the surrounding city areas. The facility designs, constructs and operates the drinking water supply and sanitation including wastewater treatment and structural maintenance and operation of equipment.

When renovating one of its wastewater facilities in July 2012 it was decided to replace two old digesters with a new one having a capacity of 7500 m³. At the same time the electrical, instrumentation and control technologies were renewed.


The new digester is shown to the left. Photo from


The two smaller digestion tanks had reached their capacity limit and needed to be replaced. For the installation KASSELWASSER specified PR 4116 universal transmitters to measure status input from the valves and to power pressure and flow transmitters in the tank. The 4116 transmitter’s durability and ability to offer Active/Passive input were important for this application. The 4116 quickly proved itself in action and subsequently became the site standard.


The operational parameters can be modified to suit all applications
According to Mr. Müller at KASSELWASSER there are several advantages of choosing the 4116 as the permanent site standard:


“It makes a lot of sense to have it as standard. The transmitters are easy to install and operate using the 4501  programming front (replaced by PR 4510) – everyone in our team is familiar with it and knows how to operate it.”, he says and continues: “And - equally important - the operational parameters can be modified to suit all our applications. This means that we need fewer units to cover many applications. And we can save on the number of modules necessary to run and maintain our processes”.


High system availability is important
In addition to flexibility the 4116 has also impressed the maintenance team on performance:


“In our experience the 4116 is a very stable device – and as our primary goals is high system availability, it also fulfills our quality expectations”, Mr. Müller adds.


The new digestion tower will be put into operation in November 2014. The new installation has provided additional capacity for the sludge and improved the efficiency of the plant.



We sincerely thank Mr. Müller for his participation in this article. 



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